Comfort and Efficiency

EVA is designed with several features to reduce the energy needed to ensure a comfortable ride for driver and passengers. Climate control is an essential part of the cabin, especially in tropical climates. It is one of the most energy consuming systems on any vehicle and reducing the cooling power will in turn reduce energy usage.

Overhead air conditioning
Ergonomics studies have shown that localized cooling to the upper body contributes to the overall thermal comfort. To reduce the power needed for climate control, individualized overhead air-condition outlets target these areas without having to cool down the entire cabin and unoccupied zones can also be switched off. This system also reduces the exposure of air-borne particles or germs from being blown from zone to another.

Seat Cooling
The innovative seats increase the thermal comfort for passengers, as air and moisture are drawn away from their bodies when they are seated. This helps keep them cool and reduces the reliance on the air-conditioner.